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Grandma's Sweet Tea and Deviled Eggs

7-8-2014 | Charlie Richardson
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Especially now during the summer months, my family, like yours, tries to take advantage of the summer grilling season. This past 4th of July weekend was no exception. With each of these events, food plays a critical roll in the celebratory process! Though many dishes for these events may change, some better than others, for my family two staples must be brought to the table, two staples that will never disappoint. What are these staples you may Grandma’s sweet tea and deviled eggs.

Besides being delicious, why would we require these dishes at every family function? Why, because they are consistently great, crafted with enormous attention and care. Grandma has taken her time perfecting the greatest gallon of sweet tea and the most amazing deviled eggs you will ever put past your lips. She has been making these dishes for what seems like forever, the quality speaks for itself. Likewise, when choosing a roofing contractor do you have the same expectations? The confidence of knowing that no matter what the sweet tea and deviled eggs will always turn out right?

Well, like Grandma, we here at American Roofing and Metal Company have taken great time working to perfect, innovate, and hone our craft. Like grandma we have been doing it for a long time, probably even longer. This year marked 100 years of quality craftsmanship and service for American Roofing and Metal Company. 100 years of being a staple in the city of Louisville Kentucky and all of the surrounding areas. Like Grandma, we have earned a reputation of consistency.

Whether you need a repair or are in the market for a new roof; be it slate, shingle, tile, metal, or copper and you live in Louisville, Lexington or the greater Cincinnati area, please give us a call. I guarantee you will like what we bring to the table!


Charlie Richardson

Charlie Richardson | Warehouse/Inventory/Fleet Manager, Division Leader

Charlie Richardson has been with American Roofing & Metal Company since 2009. His role at the company is vital to manage the warehouse, oversee purchasing, and monitory inventory.