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Singing in the Rain

8-10-2014 | Joe Boyd
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With the mild summer this year, I have noticed a lot of people enjoying the wonderful weather. With the rain showers and some heavy downpours you can be singing in the rain. In some circumstances the rain may not bring singing, but crying in the rain, as water pours into your home, office or manufacturing facility.

Wouldn’t it be better to watch the rain trickle down the outside of your windows and not down your drywall and onto your carpet? American Roofing & Metal Company employs expert estimators such as Greg Lines, Chad Greenwell and George Hart, who can quickly and effectively assess your roofing needs. If there’s a leak well fix it before you find yourself wading through rainwater and tears.

To cover all of your roofing needs in the Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati areas as well as the entire Commonwealth, contact American Roofing & Metal Company, to insure that you are singing in the rain and not CRYING.


Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd | Vice President of Commercial Sales

Joe has been in the roofing and sheet metal business since 1976. His career with American Roofing & Metal Company began in August 2005 when he started as a commercial salesman and estimator.