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Bowling With Bumpers

9-23-2014 | Trey Carby
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Have you ever wished there was an absolute path to success? a way to assure the result desired. like bowling with bumpers! I've personally never requested bumpers for a game at the bowling alley, but I have rolled a few balls down a lane lined with bumpers. For me, it takes most of the challenge and fun out of the game although it makes for almost certain contact with a pin.

With Fall approaching you may be looking forward to the challenge and fun of cleaning out your gutters, however, for most homeowners it's just another dirty and dangerous task to add to the "to-do" list. Installing quality gutter screen to your home is an almost absolute path to success for water and erosioin control. Sure it's another one of those extra unnecessary expenses….or is it? Adding gutter screen to your gutters may be one of the best investments you make in the exterior of your home. American Roofing and Metal Company installs a variety of different gutter types and gutter screen ranging in cost and quality. Don't find yourself in the gutter. Call us today!


Trey Carby

Trey Carby | Director of Business Development

Trey has been working in the roofing industry since 2006. He started as a siding and gutter installer. Over some time, he worked his way up to Production Manager and not long after, was promoted to sales.