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Football and Fall Inspections

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The weather is starting to cool, the leaves are changing colors, and your weekends are now full of watching athletes toss the pigskin; it’s officially fall.

You spend an entire week planning your tailgating menu, an entire day psyching yourself and other fans up for the big game of the evening, and a few euphoric hours as you watch YOUR team dominate on the field.  Some games are heartbreaking, some are breathtaking, and some are, well, intoxicating. You can watch your team on any platform and at any time of day, and you will always defend them.  They are the reason you love the sport, the reason you love the season.  While being a fan isn’t always easy, the comradery is what makes it worth it.  The high fives you give everyone in your section when you get that first down, the chant for your team that children know before they can even walk, the friendships you’ve made at games.  It turns in to a sort of family.

It was just recently that our football family was reunited.  Everyone inquiring about how the last few months were, what’s new, how do you feel about this new QB? It gives me chills, and it’s not just the new crispness in the air.  It’s not just about the game; it’s about being a part of the team. Not every season has been an easy one to watch, but it’s the reputation of our team that keeps us cheering.

Here at American Roofing we are a team, a team that focuses on one thing, taking care of our customers. Now is an optimal time to have a reputable team look at your roof and give you a full roof report. Due to the mild weather of the fall, it’s a great time to do work to your house or commercial business. Whether you're in Louisville, Lexington, or Cincinnati it’s an ideal time to have your roof inspected, serviced, or replaced before the chilling months ahead. Winter is the biggest hit to your roof; water can find its way in and can freeze and sit until it warms. Allow us to be your roofing coordinator.

TIP - Making sure your attic is well ventilated is key for the winter. Keeping your attic temperatures close to the outside temperatures can minimize ice dams. When your attic is warm, it can melt the snow and ice on the the roof and that water will run down to your gutters. Once it hits the gutters, it can freeze which will block proper drainage. At that point, the water will need a place to go, which could be in your home or business.