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5 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

3-5-2021 | Josh Steinrock

5 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips


Spring is upon us which means it’s also ‘honey do’ season. The ground is thawing and the rain is pouring- so its paramount that your roof is doing its job. In this article we want to cover a few best practice to ensure that your roof is operating at peak efficiency so you can check one more task off your list. Remember, climbing on ladders can be dangerous, be sure to use the proper protections when performing any maintenance task or leave it to the professionals to ensure your safety.


5 Spring Roof Maintenance Tips


  1. Keep your gutters clean- each season brings with it a unique type of debris; during winter gutters often have a pile up of sticks and leaves that can leave your gutters prone to blockages. Be sure to monitor the cleanliness of you gutters periodically to ensure proper drainage of water runoff.
  2. Check for Moss and Mold- Moss and mold spores can build up on your roof from recurring moisture or shade that generally occurs during the winter. Moss, mold, and algae and damage your roofs shingles leading to curling and diminishing the protective qualities of your roofing material.
  3. Check for Cracked or Missing Shingles- Changing temperatures can lead to structural damage of certain shingles that can lead to internal leaks or further roof damage.
  4. Cut Back Trees- Before leaves grow back fully, spring is there perfect time to cut back trees or other foliage that have begun to encroach upon your property. Preventative maintenance can reduce the amount of gutter cleaning you have to do throughout the year and increase the longevity of your roof
  5. Hire a professional roof inspector- Have your roof professional inspected and help ensure the protection of your greatest asset. A professional inspector will be able to spot any potential hazards or issues regarding the health of your roof.


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