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Guardian on a tabletGuardian is roof management in the palm of your hand! With our software program you can follow our service team from the point of dispatch, diagnosis of the problem, view the repairs being made and to what roof areas. From the comfort of your desk you can view the entire process from start to finish via our online streaming Guardian roof management software. There is no additional cost for this software, and we provide free training and setup for all of our customers.

Our Guardian roof management program and software allows us to accurately keep up to date records of all repairs, maintenance and budgeting needs for our industrial building owners or property management firms. It allows all of American Roofing’s customers to track our service crews from the time of dispatch thru the leak repair process with a history log of all leak repairs and maintenance tasks performed. Providing each of our customers with a life expectancy of their roof, a full and detailed report for each of their buildings, and a log of all work performed for the entire life cycle of the roof. What is the catch? There is none. We have heavily invested to make sure our customers have the absolute latest and greatest technology in roof management.

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