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Modern Green Roof Technology offers endless varieties of vegetated covers for any impervious surface. Designing and implementing live vegetation requires professional horticultural experience to guarantee a functional system for 50 years or more. Green Roof Technology has the expertise to realize the impossible and the incredible - If you can dream it we can create it and keep in mind: Gardening is the last bastion of the patient, as nature cannot be hurried.

Synthetic recycled roofing material synthetic slate and shake products are manufactured from a variety of materials, primarily polymers and/or rubber along with fillers and modifiers. Although the products seem very similar, formulations vary among manufacturers.

The majority of the synthetic slates and shakes are backed by 50-year warranties. Most are UL-certified for Class 4 impact resistance, and many, but not all, also achieve a Class A and C fire resistance rating. Furthermore, some are rated to resist uplift in high winds.

Synthetic slate in particular is easier to work with than natural slate; it is lighter in weight and does not require a reinforced roof. Adding 10 percent to 20 percent to an order is typical for real slate to make up for breakage during shipping and installation. But synthetic slates are more flexible and durable, and breakage is virtually nonexistent, manufacturers say.