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Getting Off to a Great Start

1-5-2015 | Rick A. Steinrock

Although 2014 marked our company’s 100th year in business, this past year has been a great one for new beginnings. It just goes to prove that no matter how far you’ve come, you’re always building a heritage for the next generation.  

Thanks to efforts from our branch manager, Rick O’Toole, our new location in Lexington, Kentucky got off to a great start. We’ve served the area for a while. Having a dedicated office in town means we can do a better job of serving our customers in central Kentucky. While the new Lexington office has strengthened our customer service department, in many ways 2014 has been all about our field staff.

We still believe in the Steinrock family vision of giving people a skilled trade. This year, we’ve continued advancing that vision through our new mentoring program. Thanks to our new indoor training facility, we can provide safe, year-round training in best practices for roofing installation and repair. The mentoring program is an opportunity for those who want to grow their career. It provides clear steps towards advancement and influence within our company.

As we begin 2015, we hope to continue building on the great starts we established last year. We also have plans to launch more projects, and achieve new goals. If you’d like to advance your future along with us, please visit our employment opportunities page. And if you have a roofing project in mind for this year, we’d be honored to work with you.


Rick A. Steinrock

Rick A. Steinrock | President

Rick started roofing in high school with his father. After many years of working for his father, Rick started Steinrock Roofing and Insulation Company in 1973. In 1981 Rick sold the company to some of the employees and some outside investors.