American Roofing & Metal

Roof Safety

A Dedicated Safety Division

At American Roofing, we have two full-time safety managers who are trained and certified in all aspects of safety. They work daily with our staff, general contractors, property owners, and builders to make sure we are working in a safe and orderly way.

Safety Training

American Roofing & Metal Company, Inc. is committed to providing a safe workplace for all of its employees while also protecting our customers. This is done by a training program that meets or exceeds requirements from OSHA. Further, we ensure a safe workplace by securing a drug free workforce through pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable cause, and random testing.

Before employees begin work, they all attend orientation that covers policies and procedures with an extensive portion dedicated to safety. Each associate is equipped with his or her own personal fall arrest system in addition to the variety of hazard controlling equipment we utilize daily. It is our goal that all our employees will have a positive, safe experience at work and return home to their families each night in the same shape they left.

In addition, we have a responsibility to protect our customers and their property.

If you would like to hear more about our extensive safety program, contact our dedicated safety team members.