American Roofing & Metal

Our Culture

Built on 100 Years of Craftsmanship

American Roofing & Metal Inc. is a fourth generation company.  Through skilled craftsmanship and the hard work of our hands, we have been a premier provider of shelter for over a century

Foundational Beliefs

Our foundational belief is that we are made in the image of our Creator, and as a result, are called to give our very best to what we put our hands to. Because of this, we are in pursuit of providing the ultimate contractor experience for our associates and, most importantly, our customers. Knowing that our reputation is our most important asset, we seek to continue building this with each roof we install in hopes that the quality and process by which we do our work becomes an extension of our heritage and family legacy.

Our Impact to the Industry

At American Roofing, we are sincerely striving to create a customer experience backed by superior workmanship that changes the perception of "roofers" and the construction industry. We know that for our customers to have a truly great experience, backed by great craftsmanship, we must first give our associates a great experience in their careers at American Roofing & Metal. As a result, we are extremely dedicated to being the best possible place to work. Toward that end, we clearly define career paths for every employee, mentor them, and facilitate training programs to teach our employees a skilled trade that has been handed down through our family over the last 100 years.

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