Lexington Rehabilitation Center Restoration

Project Overview

American Roofing & Metal Company was awarded this project in Lexington due to our ability to handle all aspects of the restoration. We used many of our departments, which included residential roofing, low slope roofing, sheet metal and service.

This multi-phase job started off with a residential shingle crew tearing off and installing new dimensional shingles to approximately 42,000 square feet of roof. Next, we utilized our crane and qualified riggers to remove all the abandoned and unused mechanical units from the low slope areas. Once the areas were clear, a low slope roofing crew reroofed 3 areas with a new fully adhered TPO system. Closely following the low slope crew was a sheet metal crew that made major repairs to the gutters, soffit and other areas that were in need of attention. To finish the project off our service crew came in and tightened up a variety of other minor repairs and maintenance issues.

With the proper pre-construction planning, scheduling between divisions and project management the entire project ran smooth from start to finish. The new owners now can rest with ease knowing their investment is watertight and can concentrate on new tenants and the remodeling of the interior.

“From our initial meeting, Rick and his team at American Roofing & Metal Company came across very personable, competent, and thorough. Being that the job included repairs to various roof types, American Roofing's expertise was necessary. The job was completed in a timely manner with high quality workmanship. The job went very smoothly from beginning to end, with Rick and his team providing regular updates along the way and no unexpected surprises. We could not be happier with our decision to use American Roofing and Metal Company and hope to work with them more in the future. ”  Cory Pence - Manager