Village of Tuxford

Project Overview

American Roofing recognizes and understands the needs and concerns of complex communities. Large communities must be approached and managed very effectively and efficiently in order to be successful. With little to no parking areas, large amounts of landscaping and common areas careful preparation and planning must be considered. Village of Tuxford, for example, is a patio home community consisting of 26 free standing buildings. We provided budgeting reports with estimated life expectancy and replacement cost values in an effort to help with the reserve study. Ultimately, we were able to provide them with new GAF roofing systems that included a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. This project consisted of over 3,200 squares of shingles. We were in direct communication with the board members of the community throughout the entire process. Scheduling, staging areas, and full time management were also key factors that resulted in a fantastic product. We continue to have a great working relationship with the community and have created a customer for life in the process.

“When a tornado struck the Village of Tuxford we immediately called American Roofing to cover our damaged roofs and keep them protected until we received our insurance settlement. American Roofing led us to a valuable engineering company that fully validated our claim. Then with speed and efficiency they covered our 26 buildings with beautiful, long lasting shingles and metal work that carried fantastic guarantees. We were so pleased with American Roofing. Based on this experience no one else will ever set foot on our roofs.”  Bob Taylor, Board President