Grawemeyer Hall

Project Overview

The copper dome roof of the University of Louisville's Grawemeyer Hall was damaged by a hail storm. The existing copper roof, which was approximately 15 years old, was beat up so bad that the school was concerned the integrity of the copper had been compromised. 

The existing flat seam copper roof panels and all flashing had to be removed. The old copper was turned over to the university to be recycled. A new underlayment of self-adhering ice and water guard was installed to the substrate. New copper flat seam panels, flashing, and gutters were installed over the new underlayment. With this being a domed structure, each individual panel had to be fabricated by our shop staff with tapered sides to conform to the dome, and each row going around the building had to be fabricated in a different size than the row before.

This building was occupied during the entire construction process with very little disturbance to the staff and students. A lot of care and pride went into this project from all involved as this building is a landmark on the University of Louisville campus.