Hurstborne Ridge Condominium Community

Project Overview

Hurstborne Ridge is a condominium community consisting of eighteen buildings, four garages, and a clubhouse. The re-roofing of this complex took great preparation and planning in order to deliver a superior product with no damage to the community. Due to the size of the project we constructed a staging area which consisted of a fenced-in area of parking spots with a mobile pod to store material and facilities for the crew. Every day the job was cleaned up and all material returned to this area which made for a very clean and organized job site. This area also housed the lift which was used to load the material to the roof. Safety is and always will be American Roofing & Metal's number one concern and on this job it was no different. Every morning safety inspections were held before anyone was allowed on the roof to ensure the safety of not only our crew but the tenants and public. The shingle used on the complex was Owens Corning Driftwood.