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Condos & Apartment Complexes

Re-roofing an entire condo community can prove to be a complicated challenge for most roofing companies. There is typically limited site access, hundreds of homeowners to please, and each roof has its own specific issues to be addressed. At American Roofing & Metal we have an entire division dedicated to servicing large complexes. We are experienced in dealing with elected managing boards as well as a variety of owners all with their own concerns and needs that must be met during the re-roofing process.

We are one of the few roofing companies in Kentucky and Indiana that have dedicated an entire division of our company to just focus on complex work. With layers of management from quality to control, in house safety inspectors, certified and trained installers and a 24 hour emergency hotline, we are equipped to properly and quickly re-roof any size condos complex. We work anywhere from 120 to 200 employees and are able to complete multiple buildings per day to help reduce the impact of a large re-roofing process.

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